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Thursday March 26, 2020

Good Morning, The sun is out which always make us feel better.

I am sitting in the sun reading all the emails for updates on flights, cruises and closings.

Here in Vermont, we are in the lock down in our home with only essential employees working. I see many other states are doing the very same thing. If anyone out there needs help with a cancellation or needs information on the updates, please feel free to call me, text me or email me.

The Alaska Cruise Tour we are booked for in July has NOT been cancelled so far. YAY! I hope and pray that our country is back to the "HEALTHY" state by then.

I am excited to be researching my next set of adventures in the USA. I have been collecting info on several places I know you all would like to experience.

Treehouse Grove is the newest addition to the Tennessee charm. They are the next best thing to camping while enjoying the region around them...check it out.

They do have 2 handicapped cabins, also, for those of us who need them. Dollywood here we come again!

My other favorite of course is Triple Creek Ranch, a Montana Hideaway.

Go to my website, and click on adventures tab on the bottom to see this beautiful resort.

My last one is Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Bob and I have been there more times then I can count, Its truly our getaway. We drive to Portland, Maine... board THE CAT and cruise to Yarmouth. We take our own vehicle, but you may rent one instead. Our favorites in NS are White Point Beach Resort, Lane’s Privateer Inn and Halifax Marriott Harbourfront Hotel and casino. We love touring this beautiful area. I have ordered the Doers and Dreamers book/PDF and will gladly share it when I get it. We then rap our week up in PEI.

Anne of Green Gables, potato chip factory along with many other sites. Of course, I am a big light house fan and there are plenty of them to mark off in your book, but West Point is our favorite.

Sleep in a lighthouse, drift off to the sound of gently rolling waves, enjoy spectacular sunsets...The 4-star West Point Lighthouse Inn features 13 contemporary rooms and the rare opportunity to stay in a lighthouse. Each room has a breathtaking view of the Northumberland Strait from the shore of West Point, Prince Edward Island. 11 rooms also feature walkout decks, while The Keeper's Quarters and The Tower Room are located in a private guests-only section of the historic West Point Lighthouse Museum.

Rentals and packages available from June to September.

We would love to go again in here for updates.

Stay healthy, enjoy our Sunny day.


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