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I am still here. I had been dreaming of an end to this virus that is certainly controlling our every day life....actually lifestyle. BUT I will not cave!

I am going full speed ahead in planning future travel.

I went through 2 episodes of shingles in the last 90 days(no I can't have the shot) and realize giving birth was easier. I am now dealing with the nerve pain, but not being able to go outside in the sun is killing me. Rant over lol.

This morning on Good Morning America, they were advertising masks, glitter, work etc. It hit me that instead of getting ideas for the holidays, I was picking out a new mask for Bob...HELLO?

In the past 3 months I have been working on cancellations, even having nightmares about it.

I realize that the Travel industry is taking on a whole new outlook. More people are calling interested in USA travel and escorted travel, which I have done since 2012.

I have favorite places in the USA that I love so I began searching and researching opportunities for great vacations right here...or close by.

Friends of mine just came back from out west and had a great time at some national parks.

I have a friend that rents a home to us in Barton, Vermont that we are taking advantage of. We lived in the North East Kingdom for 13 years

We tour around the area at the Bread and Puppet museum, Brownington Museum and the lakes are spectacular.

EastSide restaurant on the lake, provides dining on the patio or inside.

Cow Palace is wonderful, too, giving me my favorite beef selections and many more choices.

Island Pond features Friday night entertainment, bring your chairs, distance yourself and enjoy.

Simon the Tanner and Pic & Shovel are favorite shopping spots we visit every time.

Canyon Ranch in Massachusetts is a great place to visit and unwind. I

personally get absorbed in the fact that you let everything go while you are there and totally relax. How about a girls 3 day?

Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island is one of the spots we LOVE...been there 15+ times and cant get enough. We spend every anniversary we can at the West Point Lighthouse in PEI. We are planning a trip there next year.

Nashville and Memphis, add a little Pigeon Forge and you have a wonderful southern time. We are in the process of planning a SPRING 2021 vacation, including Graceland, Dollywood and lets not forget the Grand Ole Opry.

One of the NEW places I am researching is The Treehouse Grove.

It is a Treehouse Getaway in the Great Smoky Mountains.

It’s a mountain getaway in the trees: a night spent in one of eight tree houses designed by “Treehouse Master” Pete Nelson and located on the doorstep of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It’s the kind of escape you dream about, a secluded environment that’s somehow close to it all. A place you wish existed as a child...the neatest of ways to relax and recharge.

Details and pricing to follow in fall 2020.

We did reschedule the Cruisetour, ALASKA 2021 for July 18th.

Some of us are leaving July 16th to have a day at Kenai Fjords.

I will share the flyer really soon....I have availability right now for balconies.

This will be on Royal Caribbean, 7 day southbound, down the inside passage,

with 5 days on land pre cruise.

Its been a long haul, but I am sure that we will come out of this.

Stay healthy, happy and remember we can all make our dreams or bucket list come true together by traveling Travel PJ Barber Style!

All my best

PJ Barber


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