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March 31st 2020

Good morning,

Rain is gone...YAY! I am happy to have my blog up and running. It makes me feel like I'm visiting with all of you at once. I can't wait to get back to the HUGS, FAMILY, and GRANDCHILDREN! I think through all of this, we learn more patience, our faith grows and we honestly remember we have a lot to be thankful for.

The USA is the place I am concentrating on these days. I love doing research during the day after my work.

Branson, Missouri is a place to visit for your fill of Country wonder. In Branson, they believe life should have more encores. For more than 50 years, live shows (and encores, of course!) have been a staple of Branson vacations. From rock and country music to hilarious comedy and amazing acrobats, Branson offers live entertainment variety to suit every taste! Morning, afternoon and night, Branson offers a variety of entertainment options for every member of the family, including comedy shows,dinner shows,shows for kids and even shows on boats!

Some of the great dinner shows offered in the Ozarks include Dolly Stampede, Branson Belle Dinner Cruise shows, and Branson's Murder Mystery Dinner Show.

We have only been once, but have wanted to go back and never did. I think this needs to be on 2022 spring list. The shows usually are booked way before, so this trip would need to be planned and reserved by May 2021. Airfare is available 9-12 months ahead.

North Dakota is where my grandfather, Kenneth Walter Quinion grew up.

We have wanted to go there and it always went on the back burner.

I am planning on flying into Montana and visiting Triple Creek Ranch in Montana(you can explore this by going to my web page, under Adventures tab.)

Then rent a van and head for North Dakota.

North Dakota is a Midwestern U.S. state dominated by the Great Plains. Its eastern city of Fargo showcases Native American and modern art at the Plains Art Museum. The area's immigrant history is honored at the Scandinavian Heritage Association in the city of Minot. The Great Plains give way to the rugged Badlands near the border with Montana, where Theodore Roosevelt National Park spans the Little Missouri River. Once again a National Park that should be on our list to visit.

I would then travel to South Dakota to see the South Dakota Air and Space Museum, Museum of Geology and finally the Reptile Gardens.

To finish the day off, I hear that Fort Hays Chuckwagon Supper and Show are great. The last day we would enjoy the WaTiki Indoor water park Resort and explore the area. The group size for each van is usually 6. I will keep you updated once our travel schedule gets back to normal.

Have a great day, stay healthy and remember to pay it forward!


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