• PJ Barber

Brakme Away Travel...

I am so excited to have my blog up...I dreamed of what my first blog would be.

I never thought we would be in the middle of a crisis...but I am positive about the future of TRAVEL. We never are dished out more than we can handle, its just more challenging this time. I am working on future adventures, both in the USA, Canada and the Caribbean. I know its hard to plan anything right now, but I can BLOG about ideas until we can actual get back to our normal lives. I want to thank my clients for being so devoted and supportive through all of this turmoil. I will keep you informed of "what's happening" and look forward to the day we can all travel again. I want to thank my grandson for his help with my blog name and my logo which I will be using in the near future...Thanks E.

Be healthy, safe and stay in touch.



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